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This is a question I introduce due to the fact that one week ago my boss proposed the idea of creating a website for our brand new venture. That itself is not a problem, the problem is that he needs a site, but does not know yet what it should look like, what it should encompass, etc. All that he mentioned to me was the name of the web site - its domain. So, we now have an Internet address for a yet-to-be-developed website and nothing more.

Register A Domain

As multiple subscribers pay for an account on the same hosting server, the cost per capita is inconsiderable. It is also simpler for the company to manage all the hosting accounts, so the quality of the web hosting service will be acceptable. With most hosting service providers, you can also determine whether you will be charged on a monthly or on an annual basis.

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Always make sure to get familiar with the renewal process specifications before your domain name registration concludes. Certain domains cannot be renewed after they expire, and for others you have 1 month after the expiration date to re-register them. The general practice is that when a domain runs out, it is either deleted after a given interval, or the domain name registrar obtains ownership of the domain.

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It goes without saying that in the beginning I thought that he was joking, but he wasn't. These guys from NTC Hosting furnish discounted web hosting packages - on shared web hosting servers, which does not seem to be a problem for small and mid-sized sites. Besides, they are United Kingdom-based, and have servers in the United Kingdom. Well, not only - but also in the United States of America, Scandinavia and Australia.

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The ccTLDs, or country-code TLDs, are country-specific TLDs. Each country has its own ccTLD. Choosing such a domain is good if your target group of website visitors is from a specific country. Many people would rather purchase goods or services from a local website, and if your goal is Canada, for example, getting a .ca domain name could increase the visits to your site.

Domain Registration

A domain is the alpha-numeric name that you will choose to be the web address for the web page:, for example. A domain can be up to 64 characters long and it is made of two components - a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). In the abovementioned illustration, my-best-domain is the second-level domain name, and .com is the Top-Level Domain.